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Our Fees

Our fees are determined by the individual care given and are competitive with area specialists. Health insurance may not cover the entire cost of your care. Copays are expected to be paid at the time of service. We encourage our patients to contact your insurance carrier to determine what is covered by your plan. Remember that your account is your responsibility even though you have insurance coverage.

If you are a new obstetric patient, you will meet with our Patient Account Representative following your first visit. Otherwise, if you have questions regarding your account or need to set up a financial arrangement, please request to meet with the Patient Account Representative either during a visit or by scheduling an appointment.

Understanding Your Insurance

Not all office visits are covered by your insurance policy so it’s important to be familiar with your coverage. You will most likely be responsible for charges such as deductibles, co-insurance, maximum out of pocket, and copays. If you are unsure about the details of your policy, please contact your insurance company prior to scheduling an appointment.

the amount you pay out of pocket, each year, before your insurance starts to pay medical expenses.
the rate at which you and your insurance split medical expenses after you have met your deductible.
Maximum out of pocket
the most you would have to pay for medical expenses, at which time your insurance should pay, in full, for all remaining expenses.
the set deposit amount for a service, typically an office or ER visit, that your insurance requires you to be pay. If you have a copay for office visits, please make that payment when you check in for your visit.

Understanding Your Office Visit

An annual exam (preventive, routine, or wellness) includes an age-appropriate history & physical exam, risk factor review, ordering of routine laboratory tests (Pap), and discussion about healthy lifestyle and preventive care.

A problem-oriented visit addresses specific problems (menopause, depression, bleeding, etc.).

How your office visit is billed (annual or problem) is determined by what happens during your visit, typically where the most focus is directed. However, it is possible that your visit may include both annual and problem services, which will be billed accordingly.

If you have questions related to the billing of your visit, please ask to speak with one of our billing specialists.

Scheduling an Appointment

Please contact us Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm to schedule an appointment. We know your time is valuable and we will do our best to see you when you are scheduled or keep you informed if there are unexpected delays. If you do wait more than 20 minutes, let the receptionist know. Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel an appointment so we can offer that appointment time to another patient.

Preparing for Your Office Visit

Please bring your insurance card and drivers license or picture identification to every office visit. Each time you arrive, the receptionist will confirm current address, phone numbers, employment, and insurance information. If you are a new patient, you will receive a new patient packet in the mail. We ask you to complete the necessary forms and bring to your first visit.

Your Bill

We are very concerned about rising medical care costs and we make every effort to keep costs down. Payment at the time of services can help reduce these costs. Payment for non-covered services is expected at the time of service. We do accept cash, personal checks and credit cards.

We submit claims for all procedures, surgeries and obstetrical services. Statements are mailed monthly for any balance due on your account. Payment of your account balance is expected upon receipt of the bill. Patient due balances over 60 days are assessed an 18% annual finance fee. Again, if you have questions regarding your account or need to set up a financial arrangement, please request to meet with the Patient Account Representative either during a visit or by scheduling an appointment.

Online Bill Payment

Third Party Financing

Third party financing is available through Care Credit.

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